Front and Back Cover of Lily Team-Outrage

Front and Back Cover for Lily Team: Outrage

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Lily Team: OutrageEdit

Lily Team: Outrage is the 2011 sequel game to Lily Team. In Lily Team: Outrage you discover the Cexfhorian plot to blow up their old rivals Liata. Outrage also follows the original storyline of Lily Team and is a first-person shoot-up game, unlike the original Lily Team which was a strategy game and was only released on the PS2 and PSP.

Levels In Lily Team: Outrage in storyline order

Conference Call


Cexfhorian Links


No one...

...Fights alone.

Leaches for Life

Crashed In The Suburbs

Plotting The Plot

Sir John Vegas (Level)


Renee` Vegas (Level)

Epilogue: Toby Team


Lily Team:Outarage is the full complete story of Renee` Vegas and her father Sir John Vegas. The game is set in 2406 and is based on Liata and Cexfhor. During the levels Conference Call and Cexfhorian Links you play as Sir John Vegas. In the level K.I.A you play as Emily Chenkov, one of Renee`s best friends. In the level Sir John Vegas you get the option to play as either Renee,Emily or Toby.For the rest of the levels you play as Renee` although there is a glitch where you can play as Emily on the level Crashed In The Suburbs

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