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Conferance CallEdit

Conferace Call is the 1st level in Lily Team: Outrage. It is based on Liata, Renee`s home planet. In this level you play as Renne`s father, Sir John Vegas, as you try to find a Cexfhorian secret weapon. The Cexfhor military are the only enemy in this level, unlike the rest of Outrage, this is the only level where you are only fighting one enemy apart from No one... and Plotting the Plot.


At the begeining of the level you are traveling in a flaming Loaqi (pronounced Low-ac-li) fighter. You are surrounded by terrified civilians.

Civialian: We are all going to die!

Sir Vegas : I know.

Captain Hamonj: WEll, what you gonna do about it, huh?

At this point the title of the level flashes up and shows you who you are and where you are.

Sir Vegas: Nothing, is there anything we can do?

Captain: I suppose not.

Civilian: Ahh (screaming)

The ship crashes. The screen goes black and is replaced by blurry image of snow covered land. You can see soldiers everywhere.

Sir Vegas: Help, Help!

The soldiers draw their weapons and walk towards. One kicks you, your vision is no longer blurred. Before the officer can kick you again, you run. You now take control.

To get through the next bit you need to run. Don't stop, don't slow down. Follow the objective marker to the safehouse. Checkpoint reached will flash at the top of the screen.

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