Allengsk at tht time of the Liata invasion.
Allengsk Tafre is the ruler of Cexfhor and it's 3rd moon Capital. He is the main villian in the Lily Team series and in the level K.I.A from Lily Team: Outrage you find yourself captured by him. In the level Leaches For Life you see Allengsk's life come to an end as he is eaten by leaches. As a Cexforian Allengsk's skin is blue. He often wore black because he thought the people of Cexfhor feared the Black Death. He later found out they feared black because it was the colour of the Liata Army uniforms.

He was married and had two children Jess Tafre and Jake Asp-Tafre, both of which became good friends with Renee` and Toby Vegas.

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